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This web site the Social Club Hub is the first website to create a national network of clubs targeting people who are looking to meet and make  new friends with common interests. Check it out at

The Social Club Hub was developed to fulfill a basic human need, for people to have a place to go to enjoy various social interactions with other people – to entertain themselves, make new friends and have a place where they feel welcomed and belong. is not a dating site and is available for all social and economic groups to use.  The trademark has been approved, the patent is in place and international application rights are reserved thru Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).  

 The business model is based on the fact that there are numerous people in all areas of the United States and other countries seeking to expand their social interaction with others through participation in social events and activities.  The Social Club Hub website is a national network of clubs created for people who have gone through a life transition such as relocation, loss of a spouse, recent empty nesters, divorced, or just looking to meet people with common interests and hobbies.  Clubs provide the activities ranging from passive to active, from book clubs to running clubs and anything in between.  The Social Club Hub provides an event calendar so people can participate in events either at home or while traveling.  We currently have clubs, members and groups participating all over the US. 

The income potential is enormous.  When an individual joins the Social Club Hub they fill out their profile indicating what type activities are of interest to them, as well as their approximate age and gender. The purpose is to be able to match that person with clubs that provide them with that experience and inform them when an event is upcoming.  However, knowing a person’s activity interest, general age and gender is invaluable to an advertiser.  Ads can then be targeted to match products and services with people that are already known to be interested.  100% of the people seeing the ad are already potential customers!   Ads on the Social Club Hub website will not only be coordinated with the individual member’s known activity interest, they will also be coordinated with their home city location.  This is a major attraction to advertisers.  

Someone or entity needs to pick this up and market and develop the site nationally and possibly internationally.  Ideal for an experienced technology group.   Further, the opportunity exists to do licensing by regions. 

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The company is undercapitalized and unable to take this concept to completion
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