Leon D. Niemann, CBI

Buying and Selling Businesses Since 1980

In selecting a Business Broker to work with, the most important thing is to be convinced that the individual person you are working with is knowledgeable, aggressive, ethical, and willing to spend the time and money to help you to a successful conclusion. The company you work with is less important; the track record of the individual person you are working with is what makes the difference.

I have been a Business Broker for the past thirty years, which have included the personal sale and the closing of hundreds of individual business transactions. I am a Certified Business Intermediary and a fully licensed Real Estate Broker in Colorado.

My business background has not only come from formal education, but from hands-on ownership of several different businesses in the computer industry, plus management positions within the same industry. Forty five years in the business world, which started in Minnesota then moved to Colorado in 1962, has given me experience in a wide variety of situations including: ownership, marketing, advertising, system development, product development, management of people, pricing, accounting and all the skills needed to successfully operate your own business, manage multi-million dollar operations, and consulting with sellers and purchasers.

Since my interest is seeing clients become successful in whatever endeavor they launch out into, my skills in negotiating transactions along with consulting before, during and after the completion, are available for purchasers and sellers as a resource. Most business owners don’t want their employees, customers or competitors to know their business is for sale, so I have developed procedures to give your business the broadest possible exposure while protecting confidentiality.

Successful individuals usually are successful in all areas of their life, and I’m happy to say that Ann (my wife of more than 40 years) and I have 2 sons, and together have a very satisfying relationship having resided in the Denver area since 1962.

Out of this background: raising a family, ownership of several different businesses, and over forty five years of involvement in the business world, comes the experience and maturity that can be of great value and assistance to purchasers and sellers in the process of making the right decisions.