We are ready to help you sell your business for the best possible price in the shortest amount of time. We will guide you through the numerous details to a satisfactory conclusion. We represent you, the seller. Although our system is superior, the system doesn’t get the results. People do. And with the help of these people, selling business in Colorado has become simpler, quicker, and easier. It’s the energy, experience, and expertise of our people who make the difference. Throughout every step of the procedure, we’re there to answer all your questions, search out all of the best alternatives for you, keep the negotiations going, and work out the details.

Thank you for the opportunity to present the possibility of marketing your business and the professional services offered by American Business Brokers. Please contact us to receive a written proposal for marketing or selling business in Denver or in any other part of Colorado.



    Because we represent you, we both have the same objectives. Together, we will identify the strengths and weakness of your business. In order to successfully market a business certain steps must be taken in preparing it for market. We will guide and direct you through every aspect of this procedure. The important decision of establishing a fair market price is an area in which our experience and market knowledge provides you with a tremendous edge.


    Since most businesses are unique, each requires an individual, highly focused marketing program. Our programs emphasize the business’ strengths, maximize exposure, assure strict confidentiality and utilize stringent criteria for screening prospective buyers. We work with all potential buyers to determine if they are serious, financially capable, and ready to buy. Meanwhile, you continue to run your business with minimal interruption.


    While you run your business, we are negotiating with serious buyers. As the broker, we are able to pursue a buyer without weakening your position. We keep the negotiations moving rapidly, reduce the emotions in the decision making process, and know when to stop and go on to the next buyer. All of this is done without losing sight of our primary objective — TO SELL YOUR BUSINESS


    We will work with the escrow agent, lawyers, landlords, accountants, bankers, government officials, leasing companies and other necessary interests to ensure that the transaction is properly handled and brought to a rapid conclusion.