We are the bridge between buyers and sellers. We help buyers find the right business, assist with structuring a deal and possibly secure financing. For sellers, we evaluate their business, market it, match an appropriate buyer and design an acceptable deal.

Many people buying a business are buying a job. Many of those are replacing a lost or unfulfilling career. Buying a business is a life altering decision, probably one of the most important people make and should be done with the assistance of a professional. Real estate almost always maintains a steadier value; while the value of a business is based on the owner’s income, or the success of the business itself.

The sale and purchase of a business most times involve emotional issues. The seller has invested a lot of time, money and sacrifice into the business. The decision to sell can be an emotional one. After all, the sale of a business is the end of one person’s dream, and the beginning of another’s. Many of these dreams end with ultimately the decision to sell. Also important is the seller’s reason for selling and is very important in the selling process. Business owners sell their business for a variety of reasons such as: retirement, poor health, partnership or marital difficulties, boredom or lack of business success.

In addition to the emotional issues, the sale or purchase of a business usually includes the involvement of outside professional and advisors such as attorneys, accountants or friends and family. Many of them are reluctant to put their approval or endorse any business transaction. No matter how good the deal, it is much safer to say “no”. The buyer has other things to consider in the purchase.

• Is there enough capital available to purchase and run the business
• Are they capable of running the business successfully
• Will the business fulfill the anticipated reasons for purchase
• Does the buyer have the faith in themselves and the business to go from prospective buyer to business owner.

A business broker may have to address all of this. Outside advisors are only concerned about their client, friend or family member, not making sure the deal closes.

Being in the middle of all this can be challenging but, if the broker can maintain everyone’s focus on moving toward the goal, there’s little that compares with making the deal.