Some business owners feel that they can sell their business themselves. You may be one of those owners. After all, who knows your business better than you do? Often, owners become sellers by simply placing and ad in the newspaper or trade journal or putting an ad on the Internet and wait for the telephone to ring. You think of the money you can save by not paying a broker’s fee. Sounds real good, but it very seldom works! First, the telephone may not ring. If it does, it may be the local competitor attempting to find out how he can better compete. Those who may be interested will visit the business, ask numerous questions, take lots of your time, string out the process then leave and never come back. So much for confidentiality, proper pricing, qualifying prospective buyers, and finding the right buyer.

We can’t work miracles. We can’t sell an overpriced business or create demand that is not there. What we can do, however, is market the business so it is presented only to qualified and interested potential buyers. We want you to understand that we can provide suitable buyers from the overwhelming majority of people or companies who really don’t know what they want. Very few potential buyers really know what kind of business they want, or what best fits their needs. In fact over 90 percent of all buyers are considering buying a business for the first time, and are open to our suggestions. We can supply many prospective buyers that you just could not find on your own.

Very few owners price their business properly. We have an in depth knowledge of the local, national and international marketplace. We have access to market data, and pricing information not available to business owners. We are also good sources of outside financing, if available. In some cases, the full sale price is not the issue, but rather how the sale is structured is the key to a successful sale.

We generally have a backlog of potential buyers that we work with on a current basis. We prepare a superb business presentation on all businesses; designed to represent the business in its best possible light. We know when and how to market, when to use trade publications, how to use the Internet, and how to qualify a buyer. We can maximize the price of a business and create added value so that our fee is generally a non-issue. You will usually receive a higher price when working with us, even after the fee, than you would by selling the business on your own. Remember that it almost always pays to use a professional.

We’re American Business Brokers, Inc. and we’re ready to talk business when you are.